My Diet: Spoiler Alert – I Eat Like A Toddler


I don’t live to eat, I eat to live. I can appreciate good food, but for some reason my appetite has always been fairly small. Don’t get me wrong, I do very much enjoy a good melt cheese on s#%t session (that’s kind of an ‘in’ joke, but hopefully it translates) or ice cream binge, just like pretty much everyone else. However, I keep a very simple diet.

Most mornings during the work week, I usually eat a banana and then half a gluten free bagel with cream cheese and cucumbers. I usually space these out across the morning, so that I am hungry for lunch at 12:30ish.

For lunch, I have either tuna salad (tuna fish with mayo, celery, salt & pepper), tomato, and lettuce on toasted gluten free bread, which I should just switch to straight lettuce. Now that I am writing this all out, I am seeing where I should be cutting out the excess sugar from gluten free products. Boo, this blog post is taking a turn toward the negative.

I don’t like being gluten free. At all. It’s honestly the worst, but my body tells me it’s best. For many years, I was prescribed and took the highest dose of adderall for my height and weight. I went gluten free almost 5 years ago, I felt nearly 100% free of ADHD symptoms. I’m not always diligent, but when I fall off track I really feel the effects and remember why I cut delicious gluten from my life.

At dinner time, I tend to be tired and less disciplined. Sometimes, I’ll just snack and lose track of calories, not that I have ever really counted them.

Favorite Foods:

  • Cheese (all kinds!)
  • Pastas (Macaroni & cheese, please!)
  • Doughy bread (bagels, calzones, pitas, oh my!)
  • Dumplings

Do you see why I don’t like being gluten free? Ugh, I dislike the diet world, too. It’s so in your face. I just ordered some takeaway soup and rice from the local Thai restaurant. It should be here soon!


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