Your 30’s Is A Popular Time For Back Pain… It’s Really Great!

Have you experienced back pain in your early 30’s? Then you are among over 95% of us… Honestly, I just made up that statistic, but it feels like dang near everyone I’ve talked to in their 30’s have experienced some kind of back pain.

Is it that we slow down in exercise, so busy with work, and simply no longer as active as we used to be? Your core needs to be strong to protect your spine. Which is something that I am learning the hard way. But, hey, silver lining… it will stick. My abs are sore already…

Apparently, 2019 is going to be the year of the core. In more ways than one. And that’s not so bad. Much much better than pain and/or surgery!



It Feels It Should’ve Been The Weekend Yesterday

Oh, it has been a week. I am glad, as always that we are coasting into the weekend soon.

I went to visit my 98 year old grandmother yesterday, and it was grim. She told me, “I have totally lost it.”

That makes me feel a little sick. She’s lived a long life. More years than many can even hope for, although I don’t hope to get quite that old. She has seen a lot of change over her almost century of living. It’s wild to think about, really.

Today at work, I was the only one there with my crazy engineer boss. I use that term fondly! Fortunately I ended up having a decent amount of work to keep me busy most of the day. And now, I am thinking of going to bed at a decent hour, so I can wake up and do it all over again tomorrow. Blah!

Trying to be optimistic. Well, for one thing it’s warm in Florida compared to up North. It was in the high 60’s today, which is chilly for here, but so much better than the polar vortex.

I remember walking my dog in Upstate New York and finding it difficult to breathe in -20 degree weather. It was frightening, because I feared that I may pass out from lack of oxygen. No thank you.

So, anyway, I am about to eat some foods (too late!) and then get my sleep on. Woo!