World Record Egg?


So, recently, someone decided to beat the #1 liked picture of all time on a very popular internet platform that need not be named, which was previously held by Kylie Jenner (famous for being famous) and her infant daughter. They created an account @world_record_egg and posted one image — a simple brown chicken’s egg. Their “campaign” was intended to draw users to beat Kylie with this silly picture. And it worked! This little egg quickly amassed Jenner’s post in likes.

What a world we live in today, right? Oh my gosh. I am so overwhelmed with the vastness of the internet and the fact that we are attached all the time — all day long. It’s like we’re literally plugged into a grid. (Ah, so that’s where “off the grid” came from ;)!)

With the “newness” of the internet, there are very few laws to govern it. It’s unknown territory, so to speak. I feel like eventually our technology culture is going to ‘come to a head’ — something big has got to happen.

Not sure where I’m going with this, but I’m trying to share more of my thoughts. If not for you (the reader) then for myself.

Hope you’re all having a great Tuesday!




Happy 2019!


Happy New Year, folks!

It has been a long time, and for that, I apologize. I should get in the habit of writing more, if I intend to reach people, which I do. I have a message that is worth sharing. More than one, I think. Though my focus will be anxiety, for sure. And ADHD, adoption, and now… back/spine health!

On my birthday this year, turning 34, I decided to go to the beach to take pictures for a yoga challenge. Nothing unusual and it was an absolutely beautiful evening. The water down here in Florida has been in the 60’s and we have had red tide. I was taking a few shots down by the water’s edge and then decided to wade in to about ankle deep and do a backbend.

That’s when I heard something pop in my back and I felt it go into spasm immediately.

From there, it has been some of the most excruciating pain I’ve ever been in, in my life. For that, I am thankful, because I am certain there is much worse pain to be in. However, there is no denying it was awful. I went to the doctor and he sent me home with three prescriptions — steroids, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxants. Also a shot of pain meds and cortisone. Ugh!

After a week, the pain had subsided for the most part, but I was experiencing numbness in my right toes and left leg. It felt like pins and needles and there was definite weakness affiliated with the lack of feeling.

I was told to get an MRI to see what we’re dealing with, and that way we would know what kind of PT I would need. The results showed a herniated disc — I have a large tear and am a candidate for surgery, if I so choose. The plan is to continue with decompression at the chiropractor and then see how I am doing in a month.

Time is not always kind. However, I am very aware of how fragile our health can be.