People Pleaser

On my drive home from the beach after work today, I thought about how I don’t like the term people pleaser.

Unless… do you want me to like the term people pleaser? 😉 Ha!

This term implies someone who is a suck up and a brown-noser. An over-doting individual who can’t say “no” for fear of displeasing anyone. Someone who is willing to compromise their own desires to appease another. And that’s not quite me.

Some may consider me to be a people pleaser, but I don’t like to think of it that way. I just like others to be happy. I thrive on harmony. Also, you could call me a pushover, but it’s because I am happiest doing whatever makes the other person happy, so I would rather do whatever they want to do.

Is there anything wrong with this practice? Honestly, now that I’m thinking about it, maybe I should make some stronger decisions once and awhile so, just for the sake of it. Another something to keep in mind. Wouldn’t want anyone to mistake me for a people pleaser… 😉

On another note, it was so windy on the beach today. It was nuts! There was a heat advisory earlier, so I was concerned that I’d be sweating to death. Instead I was met with a major breeze and actually got caught in downpour. I got soaking wet and had to roll my phone up in my shirt, but it felt really good. The rain was cold, the drops were large, and the sun was still shining. Liquid sunshine, as they call it.

Enjoy these pics and a video! My big ol’ thumb made it into one of the shots, as it does. And I’m pretty sure that’s water on the lens and not some sort of godly apparition.


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