Been Awhile…

Sorry, I’ve been a bit nuts with everything. You know, life. 🙂

I moved in with my boyfriend.


My parents moved from the condo they owned on Siesta Key for the past 20 years. I got to visit their new home over the weekend and it’s very nice. Quite big for two people, but they say I always have a room there. I am so lucky to have such wonderful parents. They are my friends/soulmates, beyond their parenting role. Being an adopted, only child has made our bond an unique one.

I can only hope to be as nurturing with my future spawn, as they have been with me. I’ve got some big shoes to fill. That’s to say I get blessed with little humans. I’m 34 years old and not getting any more fertile. Haha, sorry, that’s meant to be tongue in cheek and not as pathetic as I maybe made it sound.


Moving in with someone after living alone for more than 5 years has been interesting. I like having someone at home, there for me, even if I don’t need them. We can just sit and be together, feeling comfort in just having each other’s company.

I’ve been a bit emotional and have had some anxiety, but it’s understandable. Change is hard for a lot of people, and for some reason it’s a bit harder for me. I am trying, and doing the best I can.

Today, I had to bring my car (2011 Ford Edge), whom I fondly call ‘Henry’, to the dealership. His power brake stopped working and it was under warranty. Now, it’s like the breaks are uber sensitive and I may have given myself whiplash. 😉

More tomorrow, hopefully…


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