Hump Day Hey!


Recently I’ve been watching, or rather re-watching, Grey’s Anatomy. I watched it when it was on tv in college, and have seen the first two seasons several times with my mother — during recovery from tonsil surgery, wisdom tooth extraction, and a benign palate tumor removal. (I suppose I can get into that later).

The show is based in a Seattle hospital, and it has me thinking a lot about life and death. I’ve also been thinking about miracles.

Things happen that we cannot explain. Things that the best of of the best scientists and doctors do not understand. Things that simply do not make any plausible sense. And yet, they do happen and we’re left scratching our heads.

Are we getting deep in an early post? You bet… let’s dive in.

Do I believe in a higher power? The answer is absolutely, I do. There is an energy or something powerful beyond our comprehension. It’s not the bearded man in robes up in the sky that I imagined as a little girl.


To be continued… (apparently)

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