I’m Still Here!

Just haven’t felt like writing lately, if I’m honest. Or if we’re really honest, I’ve felt like writing and simply have been too lazy to do so. These long, hot summer days in Florida will do that to you. Well, they do for me anyway.

It’s September already and there has been a pretty major hurricane sitting off the coast of Florida for what feels like the past decade, but in reality it has been over a week of collective anxiety over the unpredictable path of this storm. Hurricane Dorian has been sitting on top of, and thereby devastated, much of the Bahamas and it’s heartbreaking to see the videos online. My prayers go out to everyone who has been affected by this powerful storm.

We have been trying to make light of this situation by making Hurricane Dorian memes online and buying out all of the bottled water everywhere, despite our recent pledges to consume less plastic. Ugh, it’s terrible.



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